“The transition from being ‘on the tools’, to supervising and managing hasn’t always been easy, but being able to work hard and move up the ladder has been great.”

My journey with Domett started back in 2011, sweeping floors in our finishing department before being offered a welding and fabrication apprenticeship. Since then, I’ve worked in various departments and have been given a number of opportunities and promotions into my current Factory Manager role.

Domett are super supportive of career progression and always looking to identify dedicated people who are keen to progress. Over the years, the workplace culture has continued to evolve and grow and I’m really proud of the talent, cultural diversity and career opportunities we now have here at Domett.

In my experience if you work hard and are prepared to put in the effort, you can create your own career pathways to where you want to go.

Steve Furness
Factory Manager

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“Domett is a great place to work, they support you throughout your career and provide good pathways no matter what your experience level is.”

Guangtao Ma
Standard & Special Trailers


“School wasn’t for me so joined up with the local Polytech who gave me a pathway into Domett.”

Jordon Lusher
Welding & Fabrication Apprentice


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