At Domett we don’t just understand the INGREDIENTS FOR A BETTER TOW we live and breathe them!


Ingredients for a better tow

The transport industry has undergone some major overhauls and changes over the past few decades, and with further advances in technology every day this movement doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

For the team at Domett, these changes are exciting, but at the same time serve as a timely reminder of the need for commitment to building truck and trailer units with the founding 3 core principles in mind – STRENGTH, DURABILITY and PAYLOAD.

Understanding the balance between these 3 core principles whilst allowing for DESIGN, INNOVATION and TECHNOLOGY is where the rubber really meets the road and locks together all the factors that ensure a solid truck trailer build that continues to perform trip after trip.

In our eyes, a high-quality trucks and trailers are born in the design. Then transferring that design to high quality, leading edge manufacturing techniques, whilst juggling all the ‘ingredients for a better tow’, ensures we are producing truck trailer units that ultimately drivers enjoy trip after trip.

Get the Balance right 

At Domett we know what it’s like when you’re driving day in and day out, over hundreds of thousands of kilometres, over many years and we completely understand getting the balance of everything right isn’t a ‘nice to have’ but rather 100% critical.

Safety and efficiency also come into consideration and with modern developments in design and manufacturing techniques, all of these elements add to the mix when delivering a truck and trailer that is better balanced for a better tow.

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