Hassle-free service puts the shine on top of a premium steel tipper build!

For Austin Transport Services in Nelson, the latest trailer purchase was the first time the company had worked with Domett.

Having used various manufacturers in the past and with a growing fleet, Bryan admits he likes to keep an ear to the ground on the talk and reputation around all the NZ truck trailer manufacturers. With that said he was quite keen to talk to Hayden from Domett Trailers when he first touched based to arrange a catch up.

Nine months after having made the decision to purchase his latest trailer from Domett, Bryan now looks back and reflects on dealing with Domett. Bryan says that “even though they have a reputation for high quality, design, performance and finishing, ultimately it’s their service that in my experience is what really defines them.

“This was my first trailer bought from Domett and right from the word go they were so easy to deal with.”

Bryan says “Domett kept me up to date with progress reports and photos of my trailer on the production line, and once it was complete, even allowed me to pick it up on a Saturday afternoon.”

“Domett made it all very easy and we now have a premium steel tipper trailer with a high payload that is super strong and has been faultless. So much so that I am already in conversations with them about what the next addition to our fleet will look like!”

Bryan Austin
Austin Transport Services Ltd


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