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6 Axle undermount refrigerated B Train Curtain Sider

Did Optimus Prime’s long-lost brother just join the Brett Marsh Transport team???

There is no doubt about it, the latest addition to the Brett Marsh Transport fleet is almost certainly destined to become their flagship unit and possibly a new member of the Autobots!!!

The tractor on this setup is the iconic yet highly spec’d T909 Kenworth named ‘Coley’s Dream’ after Brett & Leones family friend and good mate passed away last year. The truck is equipped with a classic long bonnet, sleeper box and an overwhelming number of mod cons for driver comfort.

Behind the tractor lies a 54 tonne HPMV 6 axle B-Train with twin undermount refrigeration units. Managing Director, Brett Marsh, says he knew right at the start of this project that the configuration between the tractor chassis, the trailer units, the 34-pallet capacity requirement and the ongoing need for rear access to service both undermount refrigeration units would create some challenges. Coupled with this, double skin curtains, an insulated roof and the need to work with tight spacing requirements whilst maintaining optimal air flow, meant this build was very different to many ‘traditional’ B-Train builds.

Brett made the call to go with Domett for this unit, having built a handful of units with them in recent years and knowing their capability in custom built units and their tendency not to steer away from a challenge. Brett says the project was well scoped out from the beginning, and the communication prior, during and after the build has been excellent.

“I like the peace of mind and convenience that comes with having access to Domett’s local drive-in drive-out repair and service centre. Domett take the time to thoroughly understand our business and the market we operate in. In our game things are always going to break down at some stage, but I have always found any repairs or servicing is dealt with quickly and professionally to ensure we get back on the road as soon as possible.”

Brett says, “for me there are many things to like about this build, however the three things I liked the most about working with the Domett team was that the price was competitive, the overall finishing was outstanding and the fact they didn’t steer away from a challenge. For that reason, we have ordered another one with a couple more variants – just to keep them on their toes!”

Brett Marsh
Managing Director
Brett Marsh Transport


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