“Domett trailers are just lighter and have a lower tare weight which means I can haul more stuff and get paid more”

Trucker Marty Pizzini has been using Domett trailers since 2005 and says he hasn’t needed to look elsewhere ever since driving his first Domett unit. “For me, Domett have excellent customer service and they are always ready to answer any questions I have. Why look for something else when you are so happy with what you have got?”

Marty’s latest purchase was an alloy Bulk Tipper Trailer which he found after browsing some photos of recent Domett builds online. “Domett trailers are lighter and have a lower tare weight than other competitors in the market which means I can haul more stuff and get paid more. The maths is pretty simple – the more tonnage I can move, the more money I make from each load”!

Marty says that not only is the tare weight better than the competitors he has investigated but it has other features that make Domett units such great vehicles. “Domett trailers have excellent suspension, are well balanced when towing – it’s just a great vehicle to travel with”.

By far Marty’s favourite feature though is the low tare weight and as a repeat user, Marty is a proud advocate for Domett and is always keen to recommend Domett to others based upon his own experiences. “For me it’s a no brainer – I tell people how well they go on the road and about the weight benefits and from there they are always interested in finding out more.”

Marty Pizzini
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