“Made me feel like I owned 100 trucks or more”  

Rodger Smith has been in the agricultural trucking business for over 30 years transporting silage bales and metal to farmers throughout the Waikato region.

 “Last year I bought a new truck only to find it wasn’t that compatible with my old trailers. The ABS braking was causing the wheels to lock, even whilst it was empty and, on one or two occasions, it started to drift sideways – scary stuff!”

“I decided I wanted a new 4-Axle Alloy Tipper trailer to match the new truck and through the grapevine and seeing their gear on the road I had heard and seen great things about Domett. To be honest, when I called them with my request, I was nervous they wouldn’t take me that seriously given the size of some of their other customers. My fear quickly dissolved from the first phone call, as they were incredibly professional and I felt the whole team treated me like I owned 100 trucks or more.”

“My Sales Representative communicated with me every step of the way and as I live locally, I took up any invitation to head down to the factory. I got to see the progress first-hand – from the building stage through to sandblasting and finishing. Through this, I got to know a lot of the Domett team who were always friendly, willing to share their knowledge, talk me through the process plus answer any questions I had.”

“Their workmanship is incredible too. The whole Domett team focus on getting all the little details right, which makes them exceptional in my books. I always felt like a priority despite my company’s size.”

“If I had to build another trailer, I’d go back to Domett at the drop of a hat. I can’t speak highly enough of the Domett team and their products.”


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