“I think getting a trade qualification behind you is always a great foundation to build on and offers great career opportunities for people that want them.”

I started out about ten years ago with Domett sweeping floors and doing odd jobs in our repair department before being offered a welding and fabrication apprenticeship. Once completed, I worked in a number of Domett’s different production lines, including heading up our standard trailer manufacturing team.

I took a break from Domett for a few years, but came back in 2022 in a Production Supervisor role before taking on my current Site Manager position, overseeing our finishing and paint site. The main driver behind coming back was that I had fond memories of the company culture and team, and in many ways it felt like coming home.

Continuous improvement is something Domett has built itself on with the company always looking to evolve its systems and processes. It’s great to see the company really focusing in on the next generation of employees and the great training opportunities now available through the gateway, work experience and apprenticeship programmes offered in partnership with local schools and Polytech.

Andrew Leung
Site Manager

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“To be honest I had no real idea what I wanted to do for work, so figured I’d have a go at welding.”

Georgia Porter
Trailer Manufacturing Team Leader


“Domett offers employees a stable, secure, clean and comfortable work environment with plenty of opportunity for overtime for those that want it.”

Jarrod Smith
Cut & Fold Supervisor


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