Jarrod Smith

Cut and Fold Supervisor

“Domett offers employees a stable, secure, clean and
comfortable work environment with plenty of opportunity for overtime for those that want it.”

Prior to joining Domett I was an electrician for six years. I started out in our fold team and got offered the opportunity to move up to supervisor within about six months.

I love the busyness that comes with a typical day in my department and the requirement to juggle priorities to ensure all teams and production lines keep moving.

As I’m not really a paperwork kind of person I really enjoy the hands-on nature of the workload and the variety of different jobs we get to work on.

I’m really happy here at Domett. The culture is great, all the other team leaders and supervisors are easy to deal with and there are lots of growth opportunities for people with the right attitude and who aren’t afraid to work hard.

Jarrod Smith
Cut and Fold Supervisor

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“Domett is a great place to work, they support you throughout your career and provide good pathways no matter what your experience level is.”

Guangtao Ma
Standard & Special Trailers Supervisor


“The transition from being ‘on the tools’, to supervising and managing hasn’t always been easy, but being able to work hard and move up the ladder has been great.”

Steve Furness
Factory Manager


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